jcResizerCmd is a command line tool to that lets you resize images in bulk. This tool is also capable of watermarking an Image with either Text, Image or both in bulk.

A quick example command for jcResizerCmd.exe look like this

   jcResizerCmd.exe -source=c:\path\to\source\images 
-wm-text="copyright jaspreetchahal.org 2012"


  1. Reize images in bulk
  2. Text watermark images in bulk
  3. Image watermark images in bulk
  4. Set watermark opacity
  5. Recursive image lookup
  6. Convert either based on percentage or at pixel level
  7. Highest possible quality maintained
  8. Keep your image meta data in tact
  9. Convert from one image format to another
  10. Watermark size control
  11. Watermark position control
  12. Blazing speed
  13. and much more can be achieved ...

This util is less than 25Kb in size and does what it is designed to do. You can read more about options from documentation page. Rest assured that works with most of the camera pictures. You can also use this tool to convert from one image format to another. e.g. jpg to png OR jpg to ico

Many examples are provided on Usage page so go ahead and check them out.


This tool is written by Jaspreet chahal. You can read more about him on his blog. http://jaspreetchahal.org/. He like designing web systems, jcReizerCmd.exe started..More »



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